Angling Support Coach

15 February 2019

Richard Hadley, Angling Trust Coaching Centre Manager and Lead Safeguarding Officer updates you on the new Angling Support Coach course…

The UKCC Level 1 award has been changed to become the “Angling Support Coach 1st4sport Qualification“.

The new qualification still contains much of the current content but has been re-focused at applied coaching practice, rather than being largely classroom and portfolio based.

The delivery of the learning programme has been altered based on feedback from previous students. Candidates will now start practical delivery within half an hour of the course starting and that will continue through to the assessment. Candidates will be encouraged to self-review and work on areas of weakness to better develop their coaching skills in the real world.

The course breaks down coaching delivery into three areas:

*Interpretation of Level 2 risk assessment and coaching plan outcomes and the working relationship of lead and support coaches
*Planning with the needs of the individual angler at the centre
*An understanding of the learning stage of each participant: Early, Basic or Refine
*Understanding the types of practice: Fixed, Variable or Session-based
*Dynamic risk assessment and keeping it safe

*Give Instructions, Demonstrate, Use Open Questions, Build rapport
*Setting up activities with suitable learner/age appropriate equipment
*Make it Fun. Keep it Safe
*Use praise appropriately
*Run and design suitable warm-ups

*Closing the session (including safeguarding responsibilities)
*Review the learning that’s taken place
*Set out the topic for next session
*Feedback on individual learning to the Level 2 Lead Coach
*Self-Review, plenary and personal goal setting for the next session

The course is pitched at those who have angling experience but may lack the experience or confidence to deliver a supported session. It’ll be great for supportive parents (for example) who want to become more involved in angling development as well as those existing anglers who want to take their first step on the coaching ladder.



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Angling Trust Coaching Centre Manager and Lead Safeguarding Officer
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