How YOU can go fishing with a friend this summer…

14th August 2020

Go Fishing with a friend one day this summer 14th August – 4th October!

How to get a FREE one-day Environment Agency fishing licence with this special Take a Friend Fishing offer

There are two ways to take part in Take a Friend Fishing…

1] If you know someone who goes fishing:
Most people know someone who goes fishing – whether it’s your mum, dad a family member friend or colleague – anybody over 17 who goes fishing in freshwater (…not in the sea) should have an Environment Agency rod fishing licence.

You just need to tell them about Take a Friend Fishing and during the 8 weeks of summer 2020, they can go to, and get you a one day fishing licence.

Simply get your angling friend or family member to register to take a friend fishing and on one day throughout the eight-week period between 14th August and 4th October 2020 they can take you fishing. The day licence is worth £6 and has been generously supported by the Environment Agency and organised by the Angling Trades Association and Angling Trust as a way to boost the number of people who want to give fishing a go.

2] If you don’t know someone who goes fishing:
We can put you in touch through our network of Angling Officers, Fishing Clubs and Coaches. Get in touch and we’ll help you get into fishing.

Why try fishing?:
We are sure you’ll love fishing – it’s a great way to spend time outdoors relaxing by water, you get to see loads of wildlife (…and hopefully even a fish or two!) and it’s a brilliant way for young and old alike to keep occupied, away from your screens for a bit and doing something together with friends or family.

Not only that – fishing has proven mental health and wellbeing benefits too – spending time by the water is good for you.

This video explains Take a Friend Fishing:
Our colleague Jimmy Willis has put together a great little film to show you how to get involved…

5 Simple Steps to go fishing during Take a Friend Fishing 2020…
Just follow these instructions to take advantage of this offer and get a free one-day fishing licence worth £6

  1. Get your angling mate or family member to have their Environment Agency fishing licence number handy and visit
  2. They enter their licence number and your email addresses – you’ll both be emailed a confirmation
  3. Your email explains how to activate the free fishing licence
  4. As soon as the licence is activated your angling pal will be emailed your activated licence
  5. If either of you are asked to show this to an Environment Agency Officer on the day of your fishing trip, simply have a copy on your phone or print one off – it’s that simple!

Join in on social media… use #takeafriendfishing #getfishing
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The Environment Agency funds the Angling Trust to provide more opportunities for people to go fishing and encourage sales of fishing rod licences. Money from fishing licence sales is spent on improving fisheries habitat and angling infrastructure through projects like the Angling Improvement Fund.