Coaching Mentors

4 March 2019

Richard Hadley, Angling Trust Coaching Centre Manager and Lead Safeguarding Officer updates you on the new Angling Support Coach course…

The joy of coaching should not just be reserved for the angling participants we meet. It can support new and existing coaches too. Coaching skills are somewhat wasted if they aren’t shared with others keen to develop their role by becoming an angling coach too.

This is especially important when it comes to developing our club workforce and encouraging parents who are keen to help. The new “Angling Support Coach” course is packed with opportunities to apply the practical aspects of coaching and is aimed at those who want to take their first step on the coaching ladder or who just want to help but feel they lack the right knowledge.

A sixteen-hour course might give you the basics, but it’s only by experiencing and sharing good practice that you start to become a great coach.

I think that with the current Level 2 it would be better to have the linked sessions increased to six and have those as “supported practice”.

This would give potential coaches areas to improve on which would be both highlighted and developed by existing coaches. It would also allow coaches to focus on how you want your sessions to work to get the most out of those you coach. What do you think? Let me know…


Richard Hadley
Angling Trust Coaching Centre Manager and Lead Safeguarding Officer
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