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Lockdown 2 – why we are postponing events…

The new government regulations mean that all forms of organised angling events will be unlawful during the second lockdown period.

Unfortunately, this will effect participation and coaching events (as well as competitive fishing). Within the new regulations, the Government have provided some very specific wording to define what they constitute a gathering:

A gathering takes place when two or more persons are present together in the same place in order:

  1. To engage in any form of social interaction with each other, or
  2. To undertake any other activity with each other

Whilst the Government have previously agreed to our approach under which angling events could safely continue, this revised and specific definition means that this is no longer the case and unfortunately organised angling participation is required by law to cease for the period of this lockdown.

As a result all Angling Trust participation events will be suspended during the period from 5/11/20.

We’ll continue to work to ensure that as we return to the tiered regional approach following this lockdown, the participation event infrastructure can resume safely and compliantly with Government legislation.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

The Get Fishing Team

This is going to be an extremely difficult period for everybody and we must recognise that we are fortunate that angling can continue even though there are restrictions on what we can do.

The Angling Trust made the case for fishing based on the health and wellbeing benefits that angling offers coupled with the importance of reducing pressure on other open spaces by allowing us to continue to safely enjoy the social isolation and peace that fishing brings.

It is vital that we all act responsibly and we need to fish safely, fish locally and respect the Rule of Two.


  1. Further guidance and updates will appear on the Angling Trust’s Angling Support Hub
  2. Information about fishing in Wales can be found on the Fishing In Wales website