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Sport England’s This Girl Can initiative identified that a fear of judgement can stop many women and girls from joining in with sport. To support this, the Get Fishing campaign reached out to women across the nation and asked them to share pictures and stories of how fishing has helped to get up, out and active regardless of age, ability, experience or background. Here’s Kara’s story…

“Well my name’s Kara. I’m 42, a full-time Personal Secretary at the Trades Union Congress in Liverpool and let me tell you, previously never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined getting involved in fishing in my lifetime… and my friends still find it funny that I’m now becoming an angler!

Basically, how it all began was when I met my partner Aaron. He’s been fishing since he was 8 so has a passion for angling. He fishes in Liverpool’s Community Parks, likes to help beginners and has just finished his Level 1 angling coach qualification. So, as you can imagine he likes to get out fishing as much as he can!

I thought to myself: “If I don’t want to become a ‘fishing widow’ (ha ha) why not give it a go too, get out and join him by the waterside?”

Not only did fishing give us some ‘quality-time’ together, it came as a massive surprise that I really enjoyed it right from the off! I certainly never realised how much effort, activity and thought goes into it and I now have all my own equipment, including an incredibly comfy bed-chair 😊.

I soon discovered fishing is a great way to relax and release the stresses and strains of my everyday routine and busy life. As a bonus I also get to take in the fresh air, scenery and meet lovely people who stop to say hello and ask how my fishing is going. If I’m lucky, I get to feel the adrenaline and excitement of catching beautiful fish and then the pride that comes with holding them. Money just can’t buy that…

Fishing gives me a way to keep learning and improving my skills and knowledge too – who knows, maybe in the future I can help other anglers get fishing?

I think angling is great for mental health and well-being. I can also see why it’s recommended for rehabilitation. Some of the young people I meet might get into situations they shouldn’t if it wasn’t for angling. Fishing is such a great activity to keep them busy, provide a focus and exercise outdoors.

For now, as they say, “Tight Lines” and who knows, one day I might get a big, BIG fish…”


How you can get involved with This Girl Can: Tweet or post pictures, video or stories on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtags #thisgirlcan and #getfishing to connect the community of women anglers of all ages and abilities. It would be great if your posts show how angling can help women of all ages and backgrounds to get up, out and active, even if it’s just for a short time when you or your family go fishing.

Image of Sefton Park: By Mquinton81 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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