Three Simple Warm-ups for Coaches

Richard Hadley, Angling Trust Coaching Centre Manager and Lead Safeguarding Officer tells us about his favourite three warm-ups….

Here are my three favourite warm-ups. Warm ups should be: simple to set up, increase the heart rate slowly, have some dynamic stretching, warm up the mind as well as the body and relate to the main theme of the session. Most of all they need to be good FUN!

1. Cups and Saucers: Spread about 20 to 30 cones out with roughly the same facing up wards and downwards. Divide into two teams, one “Cups” and one “Saucers”. On the word “GO”, teams have to turn the cones over to their given team name. Time this for a minute and winners are the team with the most cones representing their team.

2. Mr Tickle! Divide participants into pairs, although you can do threes. Get them to face each other about 1 metre apart. They then have to place their right hand next to their partners left ear, once they have sorted left and right out! they need to reach up with their free hand and grab, from underneath, their partners wrist. One the word go they have to try and “tickle” their partners ear, whilst stopping their own ear from being tickled. After 30 seconds stop the activity and get them then to place their left hand towards their partners right ear. It helps at this stage to get them to start with hands by their side.

3. Coneman the Barbarian: Set out a defined area about 10m x 10m dependent on group size. Get everyone to balance a cone on their head use any colour except red. Keep one red cone for the person who is “It”. They then have to try and knock the cones off the others heads. If a cone falls off then they are also out of the game. The winner is the last person with a cone on their head, they then get the red cone etc.


Richard Hadley
Angling Trust Coaching Centre Manager and Lead Safeguarding Officer
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